When the kind parent is the targeted scapegoat

Parental Alienation

Kids of people with ASPD typically grow up watching that parent enact the worst forms of social abuse on the opposite parent as well as see them for what they are — moral criminals who do nothing but use, abuse, and destroy any person or social group that comes in their path. Such people are those with a criminal past, a long history of traffic violations rooted in a reckless disregard for both the law and others on the road, and have a history of rolling in the proverbial shit while coming up smelling like roses.

Calculating, cold, guilt-free, and without conscience, a parent with Anti-Social personality traits tend to want to surround themselves with a friend and family circle of people who are weaker than themselves but just like them. Ultimately, their personality types can simply be described as pack animals, meaning they expect to be treated like royalty…

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The government has failed to protect the human rights of children

Politics and Insights

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The UK has plummeted from 11th position to 156th in global ranking for meeting its children’s rights obligations in the space of just a year. The UK now ranks among the bottom 10 global performers in the arena of improving the human rights of the child, after it achieved the lowest possible score across all six available indicators in the domain of Child Rights Environment (CRE), according to the KidsRights Index 2017.

The Index gathers data from Unicef and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to identify global trends in the arena of children’s rights protection. It comprises a ranking for all UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a total of 165 countries. 

The report says that a nation’s prosperity does not always guarantee children’s rights. Interestingly, economically better performing countries are not necessarily doing a better job…

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From Baby Boom to Grandparent Boom

Life in the Boomer Lane

Something happened to boomers when they were too busy running marathons, taking spin classes, and becoming master gardeners to notice: They turned into grandparents. Some astute readers may now be wondering what happened to boomers becoming parents first?  Doesn’t one have to occur before the other?

The truth is that, while one event normally does occur before the other, the experience of such events sometimes does not. Most boomers will tell you that parenting often occurs in a blur, resulting in often having limited or no memory of the experience. Life in the Boomer Lane, herself, can vividly recall every second of every labor and delivery she experienced. Aside from that, the clearest memory of decades as a mother to babies, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children is that of stepping on tiny Lego pieces in her bare feet on an almost daily basis.

LBL, having survived this phase of motherhood…

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Your May Whale and Dolphin news

Hi David

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how far we’ve come. It’s easy to get weighed down by the bad things and forget about our achievements. I remember when there were still captive dolphins in the UK and when most people didn’t question places like SeaWorld. We’ve come a long way together since then!

We’ve made giant strides in our campaign to stop UK holiday companies supporting whale and dolphin captivity. British Airways still refuses to listen, but big players like Virgin Holidays, Thomas Cook and TripAdvisor are more progressive and have begun making radical changes. We’re so grateful to you and all our wonderful supporters for standing with us to show these companies that people care.

Little White the beluga whale

And in more good news…

The beluga whale in the picture above is Little White and we are getting nearer to the day we will release her, Jun Jun (pictured below) and Little Grey into their new sea sanctuary home. As we speak, they are in the care of experts who are helping them prepare for the upheaval and stress of transportation and for the challenges they will face once they are ‘home’, such as colder water and having to hunt for their own food again. It’s not unlike the training astronauts have to go through before going to the International Space Station! Read all about it below.

Until then, thank you for being part of WDC. We couldn’t be here for whales and dolphins without you.

With very best wishes,

Julia Thoms, WDC campaigns manager

Jun Jun, one of the beluga whales preparing for sanctuary

Closer to sanctuary

I’m so excited about our project to create the world’s first sanctuary for ex-captive beluga whales. Jun Jun (pictured), Little White and Little Grey are preparing for their new lives. To get them mentally and physically ready is a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

Wild dolphins leaping

We’ve come a long way

Unlike the dinosaurs at British Airways, other, more open-minded travel companies are listening to you. We are advising Virgin and TripAdvisor, and Thomas Cook is auditing all the captive facilities on its books.

Gamers for orcas

New ways to fundraise

Join our 24 hour gaming fundraiser on 9 June. Anyone who loves playing games can set up their own gaming marathon. You can take part on a console, a phone or even play board games. You can game alone or with friends, online or in person! Interested?

A dolphin in a net

Campaign update

We’ve been busy since we launched our campaign to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in nets in UK waters. Have a read of my blog to find out what our team has been doing to influence decision-makers in the UK and in Europe.

Plus, even more ways you can help David…

Kolgraf orca 100 Credit: Rob Lott

Play our Summer Raffle

Take part in the raffle and you could win £1,000*. Play with as little as £1, and you could win one of seven cash prizes worth £2,000. All proceeds go towards our orca captivity work.

Humpback - Lisa Barrett

Shop on eBay!

To celebrate World Ocean’s Day on Thursday 8 June, eBay.co.uk are enabling shoppers to donate to WDC at the checkout, through the PayPal giving fund.

New Research On Corporal Punishment Versus Positive Parenting

Researching Reform

The latest research on corporal punishment of children suggests that professional organisations are increasingly of the view that all physical punishment of children should be stopped.

The paper published in March 2017 and featured on the Marriage And Family Review, is a critique of an earlier piece of research entitled “Children and Parents Deserve Better Parental Discipline Research: Critiquing the Evidence for Exclusively “Positive” Parenting. The paper attacks the earlier publication for being flawed, and whilst the two papers represent an academic struggle between researchers they both make for interesting reading.

If you would like to read the papers in full please leave a comment below this post and we will forward them on to you.

A very big thank you to Professor Joan Durrant for sharing this research with us.

For anyone interested in ending corporal punishment of children, The Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children offers information and…

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