Child-Support Issues Raised in Williamson Co., TN: Sansom v. Sansom

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Mother and Father are the divorced parents of Child. This appeal involved several postdivorce disputes, only two of which are noteworthy:

  • the dispute over what constitutes a “day” for child-support purposes, and
  • the trial court’s calculation of Father’s gross income for child-support purposes.

cat child supportRegarding the calculation of parenting time, Father argued the agreed parenting plan entered at the time of divorce was incorrect. It said he has 140 days of parenting time each year. Father argued that the correct amount is 208 days. The trial court disagreed.

Regarding Father’s income for child-support purposes, the proof showed that Father received a piece of real estate as a gift. The trial court determined Father’s gross monthly income to be $8477:

  • farm income: $3500;
  • dividend & interest: $742;
  • capital gains: $1183;
  • annual cash gift: $1166; and
  • gift of real estate: $1886.

Regarding the gift of real estate, Mother’s attorney explained that…

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