You’re a Nazi if you stand for free speech

Fellowship of the Minds

A man peacefully holding a sign that says “The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended,” is verbally assaulted by Leftists, some wearing black masks to conceal their faces, and called “Nazi scum” who should get “off our street”.

Among the attackers are Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK’s Labour Pary and a member of Parliament (2:02 mark in video below), and Gary McFarlane, leader of Black Lives Matter UK (3:12 mark).

Corbyn has called for the UK government to bar President Trump from visiting the UK because of his executive order banning visitors from certain majority-Muslim countries from entering the US.

Let me see if I have this right —

People who call themselves “Progressives” act like regressive street thugs, attacking and calling a man “Nazi scum” for holding a sign defending the right to free speech and the open discussion of ideas.

Yet another case of…

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One thought on “You’re a Nazi if you stand for free speech

  1. Oh for goodness sake who on earth thought of trying to paint Nazis as reasonable people who believe in free speech all of a sudden ? The Austrian Adolf Hitler was a Vatican funded child murdering incestuous paedophile …. or has that been conveniently forgotten ?
    During the holocaust Hitler had babies / children / Jews / Indo Europeans ( P.I.E ) and anyone made disabled from the generational use of nitrous oxide gas ( entonox ) taken into ” Protective Custody ” where they were sexually abused / tortured / experimented on by sadists dressed as pantomime doctors and surgeons and murdered on an industrial scale . Child Protection is the new ” Protective Custody ” .
    Nazis are people who will not share with others and who think it`s permittable to induce precocious puberty in two year olds and to cause six month old babies to have a false puberty for the purpose of ritual sexual abuse through the generational use of nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines along with the use of forceps and head x-raying . Nazis are people who have a complete disregard for the value of others lives and will stop at nothing in order to pursue their neurologically damaged ideology .
    . .


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