Surviving Monday

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Monday, life hacks, coping skills, humor, Modern PhilosopherRecent studies show, Modern Philosophers, that Monday is the least favorite day of the week.

By “recent studies”, I, of course, mean a quick show of hands by all the interns and blog groupies hanging out at The House on the Hill today.

Regardless of how the data was collected, it’s still scientific fact.  If you don’t believe me, ask the team of scientists I keep on retainer in my basement should questions such as this one ever arise.

Basic logic states that Mondays suck.  So we can sit around and complain about how much we hate this god awful day of the week, or we can do something to make Mondays a bit more tolerable.

That’s where I come in with this highly topical blog post on surviving Mondays…

Pretend it’s Tuesday.  Take the bull by the balls and snatch away all of Monday’s power.  Just act like…

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