Germany’s highest court rules IP addresses may be saved in interest of cybersecurity

Peace and Freedom

Cybersecurity takes priority over a person’s data protection rights in some cases, the Federal Court has ruled. This specifically refers to the right to save IP addresses as defense against cyberattacks.

DW Shift Internet Telefonie (BR)

The Bundesgerichtshof Federal Court of Justice (BGH) made a ruling Tuesday in a case that dates back nearly a decade.

The BGH ruled that IP information of an internet user may be retained beyond the period the user visited a specific web site if retaining the IP information was necessary to defend and investigate cyberattacks. This is only permissible if the site is prone to cyberattacks. Further clarification is needed to determine which sites are considered to be at high risk of an attack.

The case was originally brought by Patrick Breyer, a politician from the Pirates party, who argued that an internet user’s right to privacy and ownership of their own data should prevent IP addresses from…

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