UK: Parents flying with kids with different surnames ‘could be accused of child abduction’

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UK Border At Heathrow Airport


Despite it being relatively common for parents to have different names to their children, many are unaware that it can cause issues at the airport.

Now, a lawyer has warned mums and dads that they could ‘unknowingly end up embroiled in a child abduction case, be refused past check-in, or turned away at border control’ if they don’t have the right documents with them.

It’s estimated that around 600,000 parents have had to deal with being stopped, interrogated, or even turned away at border control.

One mother, Hannah Marshall from Wigan, told MEN that she and her daughter Lilly were stopped when coming home from Denmark because Lilly had her partner’s surname.

‘They looked at both mine and my daughter’s passports then asked me how I knew the little girl. When I said it was my daughter, they asked why I did not have the same last name,’ she said.

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