Let’s save Britain’s lost cycle path network

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how London once had the beginnings of an electric taxi fleet, which was then lost for 120 years. Here’s another lost sustainable transport initiative that could still be recovered: Britain’s 1930s cycle path network.

Beginning in 1934, the Ministry of Transport began building cycle paths alongside new roads. They were separate from the traffic and often paved in red tarmac, and connected towns to new suburbs or ran next to new arterial roads. It made particular sense at the time. Fewer people had cars, and many more people cycled. In some parts of the country, over half of road traffic was bicycles. In rush hour that could rise to 80%.

The cycle path network grew all through the 30s, before coming to an abrupt end in 1940. The Second World War put huge pressure on government budgets in every department, and…

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A bobcat in the grass

Christopher Martin Photography

Earlier this year when there was still snow on the ground, my son and I caught sight of a bobcat.  It darted out from stand of trees, crossed a small field and then disappeared into the forest.  A week ago, my daughter and I saw another bobcat in almost the same location.  Maybe the same one but there was no way for me to tell.  This one appeared to be a young adult.  And this time it was hunched down in a small grassy mound.

We watched for a couple of minutes and made sure we left the side closest to the trees unobstructed so the cat could slip away at any  point.  At one moment when Kezia and I walked to a different spot, it did just that seeming to evaporate, leaving no indication of ever having been there.  It was wonderful to share this encounter with my daughter…

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Exemplary Policing

Improving Police


You might want to check out this new website.


Michael Josephson is one of America’s most respected authorities on modern policing, has developed this website (and associated Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)  to provide the law enforcement community with a comprehensive resource including: Summaries of important current news, reproducible inspirational posters, a library of quotations, best practices, policies, articles, and major reports sorted by topic.

Along with instructional and inspirational videos, notable speeches, surveys,  and a discussion of his Exemplary Policing Framework (the basis of an in-process COPS publication on “The Exemplary Policing Organization: A Guide to Values-Based Policing”).

His website will collect and share information about opinions, activities and best practices.

He is anxious to receive our continuous feedback to ensure that we provide him with interesting and useful information and practical tools to assist in our continuing efforts to professionalize policing and enhance the quality and effectiveness…

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Australia: ‘My ex stopped me seeing my daughter when I got a new partner’

ABP World Group - Parental Abduction Recovery & Kidnapping Recovery


“I met Julie* at Christmas drinks with friends. We clicked straight away. She had three children from a previous relationship. I loved spending time with them all; I adored them and was more than happy to take them on as a devoted stepfather. I moved in and three years later we had a daughter, Chloe*.

We were happy for nine years and then started arguing – about everything. Her short temper was draining and we decided to split after 17 years together.

The breakup was really hard. I missed the kids terribly and my bond with Chloe was so strong it was a real wrench to be apart from her.

We tried to do what was best for the children and put our own emotions aside. After several tense conversations, we agreed we would share custody of Chloe. The other three children, I repeatedly said, were very welcome to…

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Now we know exactly how the Conservatives threw the NHS into chaos


Britain’s National Health Service is under sustained attack from years of under funding. Now inaction by Theresa May’s Government of Chaos has seen the NHS come under further attack by a ransomware virus, so delaying treatment for thousands of patients. And now there is a warning that a second version of the ransomware is about to be launched. But the impact of these attacks could have been limited.

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