Revealed: Cancer chemicals and arsenic found in ash clouds over #Fife



LARGE clouds of coal waste blown over Scottish communities are from dumps contaminated with poison and toxic metals, according to a monitoring report obtained by the Sunday Herald.

Millions of tonnes of ash from Longannet coal-fired power station have been disposed of over decades at Valleyfield in west Fife. However, since April angry residents have been complaining that dust whipped up from the dumps has been smothering their homes and harming their health.

Now a report released by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) reveals that the dumps are polluted by arsenic, cadmium, chromium and other metals known to cause cancer, birth defects, lung damage and other health problems.

The “dust nightmare” has been condemned as a “major environmental disaster” by local residents and environmentalists. Politicians have demanded “full transparency” and the dumps’ owner, Scottish Power, has said sorry.

Until it closed in March 2016, ash from Longannet power station…

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