NHS was ‘repeatedly warned’ of cyber-attack, says Fallon — Spent £50m to improve its computer systems

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BBC News

The NHS has been given about £50m to improve its computer systems, defence minister Michael Fallon says.

Hospital trusts were repeatedly warned about cyber threats before the attack on computer systems on Friday, defence secretary Michael Fallon has said.

He told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show the NHS was given ‘a large chunk’ of money to improve its security.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Saturday that an annual £5.5m deal with Microsoft to protect NHS devices had been renewed in 2014 but not since.

A handful of trusts are still dealing with disruption caused by the hack.

The ransomware, which locked users’ files and demanded payment to allow access, spread to 150 countries, including Spain, Russia, the US and China.

In England, 48 trusts reported problems at hospitals, GP surgeries or pharmacies and 13…

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One thought on “NHS was ‘repeatedly warned’ of cyber-attack, says Fallon — Spent £50m to improve its computer systems

  1. How will the government explain how services to maternity and children`s hospitals are not commissioned by the NHS but by local CCGs ?. They need to explain how Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool were able to rent a room at another hospital run by ” Children`s Services ” . They should explain how it took over thirty different doctors / ` Paediatric Consultants ` and Surgeons thirteen years costing a childhood of lethargy and illness and at least £40 million in needless operations and procedures to diagnose an ` iron deficiency ` in a child who was born with a low birth weight . The government also need to explain how two weeks later after another blood test at the hospital ` iron deficiency anaemias ` was registered on the NHS data base and yet they did not inform me of this . Two months later ` iron deficiency anaemia `was formerly diagnosed by a senior specialist registrar and a month later the Head of Child Protection was able to deny the anaemia . Blood test results then disappeared from screens and I received blood test results with black lines throuygh them and the letter `c` written alongside . I then discovered the hospital in the middle of destroying systems operations disks and paperwork which Justice Goddard made it perfectly clear no department was to do .
    My daughter and I were then threatened and intimidated in our home by a series of disturbing people including social workers / court guardians and police .My daughter was then taken into ” care ” where she has been abused . The last time I saw her all her hair had turned white and fallen out . She had head wounds and was peppered with bruises in a multitude of colours and had severe weight loss . At the sinister and secret Family court I was made to look at a picture of my daughter on a lap top wearing a small disk of very blonde fake hair on her bald head . I was also given a staged picture of my daughter standing next to Lord mayor Roz Gladden who is also the Labour minister for Children`s and Adults Social Care wearing fake plaits in a different colour draped across her bald head and wearing clothing to conceal the severe weight loss and bruising .
    Lo and behold Mr Hunt returns from a meeting with the pharma industry and hey presto ! a cyber attack has just conveniently taken down the NHS hospital data bases . You`d think someone has something to hide ! I wonder how much they managed to embezzle .


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