Mysterious hacking collective called ‘The Shadow Brokers’ stole NSA superweapon and caused global cyber attack that has shut hospitals, hit FedEx and is causing chaos in 99 countries

Peace and Freedom

The NHS has been hit by a major cyber attack hitting computers, phones and emergency bleepers in hospitals and GP surgeries - and pop-ups like this one have appeared demanding a ransom
  • Hackers hit dozens of countries on Friday by exploiting a stolen tool used by the US National Security Agency  
  • The cyber attack rapidly spread and infected computers across the globe 
  • Hackers are believed to have exploited the NSA tool, which was stolen and released to the world by a group known as the Shadow Brokers last month
  • British hospitals, the Russian government and German railways were among those affected by the cyber attack 
  • Victims have been reported in 99 countries including Germany, Spain and USA

A global cyber attack using hacking tools widely believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency and leaked online by a group called the Shadow Brokers has caused chaos around the world.

British hospitals, the Russian…

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