British Hospitals Suffer Major Cyber Attack-What Do We Know So Far?

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LONDON — Britain’s National Health Service said it had suffered a major cyber attack on Friday, disrupting hospitals all over England.

The health service said it had been hit with malicious software known as ‘ransomware’ that locks up computers and demands ransoms to restore access, but that so far it did not believe patient data had been accessed.

Below is what is known about the incident so far. For the latest updates, see:

* Hospitals have reported major disruption to their IT systems. People have been asked not to visit unless they need immediate medical attention.

* The attacks span the length of England. The NHS said 16 of its organizations – some containing several hospitals – have been affected.

* It was not immediately clear whether patients had suffered as a result of the attack.

* In addition to London, there…

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One thought on “British Hospitals Suffer Major Cyber Attack-What Do We Know So Far?

  1. What do we know so far ? In a word …everything ! We know how nitrous oxide gas has been used to switch off peoples ability to utilise vitamin b12 which can be permanently causing pernicious anaemia . We know about the vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs such as vaccines / proton pump inhibitors / metformin / pain killers / anti biotics / mefenamic acid / antacids / anti depressants/ opiates and a host of others which have been used over several generations which has caused inborn errors of metabolism .
    We also know that vitamin b12`s job is to help form fresh red blood cells and to switch off cancer cells . We know that vitamin b12 maintains RNA and DNA synthesis . We also know that when nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines are used over several generations it causes genetic mutations which cause Cancer / CJD / Alzheimers / Microcephaly / MS and all manner of other needless illness including mental illnesses and learning difficulties including autism .
    We also know about the fact that mothers have been deliberately kept vitamin b12 deficient in order to cause them to have pre term low birth weight babies and that being born with a low birth weight causes premature puberty which can effect children as young as two and can cause six month old babies to have a false puberty . We know that generations of these babies and children have been referred to the social services vitamin b12 deficiency gestapo where they have been getting sexually abused and used like laboratory monkeys in the ” care ” system on an industrial scale .
    We also know that an active form of vitamin b12 called methylcobalamin was reserved for the private sector in the sadistic and disturbing ” Child Protection ” report which was endorsed by the BBC / Ed Balls and Andy Burnham among others after the stench of the Saville scandal started to come up through the floor boards and we know that the babies and children who have been abducted with the help of the courts need this form of vitamin b12 . We know that doctors in the private sector have been able to take advantage of the methylcobalamin monopoly and cash cow which was created and are now able to charge upwards of £100 per shot for methylcobalamin which should only cost around 70p per dose .
    We know that the babies and children who have been body snatched have untreated vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms and pernicious anemia which is being deliberately prolonged in the ” care ” industry in order to cause further needless illness and disability and that they are being referred from one mystery doctor to another and forced to take unwanted dangerous pharma drugs and vaccines without their consent and without their parents permission . They are being used like laboratory monkeys and they and their parents have no more rights than farm animals .
    Now why would anyone be surprised when the NHS data bases have been ” cyber attacked ” ? The UN has issued a damning report into consecutive Tory Governments regarding the failure to address the institutional and organised state sponsored child sexual abuse . Why would we trust them to spy on our computers ? No matter how the government dresses this animal up in a frilly dress and poke bonnet it`s still clearly a pig wearing a frock !


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