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Bear cub honks horn after locking himself in car

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A bear cub in Roanoke County, VA, somehow opened the door of a car by pulling the door handle, got in the car, then couldn’t get out.

So the cub did the sensible thing: he honked the car horn. LOL

WDBJ7 reports that on the morning of May 10, 2017, Ryan and Mary Beth McClanahan were in their  home near Green Hill Park when they heard a honk on their car horn.

The McClanahans went out and discovered a bear cub was inside their SUV, honking.

Picture taken by Ryan McClanahan of bear cub sitting in front seat of SUV

They called the police.

Officers say that while the cub caused some damage to the inside of the vehicle, the car’s window was not broken, which meant the bear got into the unlocked car by pulling on the door handle.

Roanoke County Police Officer Chris Thayer said, “You could see there…

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#AceBrexitNews – Merkel says Britain is under an illusion that they can have same rights as member states an d not pay its bill and with a third country status – and that’s what Great Britain will b e – cannot and will not have the same or even more rights #AceNewsDesk.@AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – May.13: German chancellor says UK cannot have same rights as member states nor negotiate trade relations before agreeing to pay its bill #AceNewsDesk

Guardian reported that Angela Merkel attacks British ‘illusion’ of keeping benefits of EU she said British politicians are still living under the “illusion” that the UK will retain most of its rights and privileges once it leaves the European Union

Addressing her parliament ahead of EU summit at which European leaders formally adopted #Brexit negotiation guidelines, the German chancellor said: “Countries with a third country status – and that’s what Great Britain will be – cannot and will not have the same or even more rights as a member of the European Union. All 27 member states and the European institutions agree on this.”

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خطاب نصرالله في الميزان «الإسرائيلي»

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خطاب نصرالله في الميزان «الإسرائيلي»

ناصر قنديل

-كلّ منهما يعنيه الآخر قبل أيّ شيء آخر في كلّ كلمة أو خطاب أو خطوة، هذا ما يصف به أحد المعلّقين «الإسرائيليين» العلاقة بين الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله وقادة كيان الاحتلال، ولذلك يبقى الأهمّ كيف وقع خطاب السيد نصرالله على «الإسرائيليين»؟ وكيف قرأوا ما فيه؟ وما هو موقعه في قلب هذا الصراع التراكمي الذي تشترك في صناعة موازينه الأفكار، كما المعارك والأسلحة والاستعدادات التي لا تتوقف؟

-بداية توقف «الإسرائيليون» أمام إعلان نصرالله نهاية معارك الشمال الشرقي في لبنان، ونهاية مهمة حزب الله فيها. وهذه الجبهة التي لم يُخفِ «الإسرائيليون» يوماً أيديهم في فتحها ورسائلهم الجوية لحمايتها، وفرحهم بتورّط حزب الله ليسقط فيها، ورهانهم على تحوّلها حرب استنزاف تصرفه عن الاهتمام بحربها، وتدفع قوته وناسه إلى تآكل لا قعر له. هي الحرب التي يخرج منها نصرالله منتصراً وقد زاد حزبه خبرة وقوة وزادت شعبيته تماسكاً وثقة. ويتساءل «الإسرائيليون» هل ما قدّمه نصرالله…

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