Social Media Ramps Up in Family Court – Immunity War for Judges, Lawyers, Custody Experts, CPAs and CPS Workers

Santa Clara County Presiding Judge Patricia Lucas covering up court reporter scandal while drinking at bar owned by local lawyer John Conway


n Texas  Judge Green is being investigated for drugs, sex and improper conduct involving her lovers and prostitutes. Witnesses against the judge  include her ex husband, her former lovers and court whistleblowers, all fueling a  social media war that has this Houston based judge in more than just hot water with the state’s judicial discipline agency.

In California, a group calling themselves the “Silicon Valley Ex  Club” have a similar plan for the bad judges and lawyers in Silicon Valley’s family courts.  Hundreds of men and women tired of the fraud, lying and excessive fees being charged in Silicon Valley divorces are armed with cameras, hidden recorders and Private Investigators, and all are dedicated to tracking the moves of lawyers, CPS workers and even CPAs who have been stealing money and children in Silicon Valley divorce cases for decades.

Scorned lovers have lose lips and the area known for creating technology is putting it to good use to fight the corrupt and desperately broken family court system.  From spouses of government employees in Family Court Services, to ex spouses of crooked custody experts like Ken Permutter, the  Ex Club is on a roll and committed to shedding light on what is really going on in California’s Family Courts, which has been fueled and tolerated by a generation of bad judges.

​Children are chiming in too, most fed up with what the court is allowing their lawyers to do during their parents divorce. Children who grew up with lawyers like Bradford Baugh, Nat Hales, Heather Allan , and Walter Hammon have had enough. They are launching a lawsuits against rotten CPS workers, and a social media war against the lawyers who profited off of making their childhoods miserable. .

​Family Court lawyers , Judges , CPAs and CPS workers who were once comforted by immunity that appeared absolute,   and are reported to be worried.

A 2017 Ninth Circuit Case chips away at presumed immunity , after social workers in Orange County were found guilty of violating the rights of BOTH parents and children. California’s highest court said that even government workers who presumably have knowingly and maliciously violated the law, and engaged in malicious criminal behavior are NOT afforded qualified immunity , and no such immunity is qualified or justly appropriate. See the case here.

​So what about lawyers who lie? For far too long they have relied on litigation privilege, a law that allows them to lie in court in order to provide a zealous representation of the parent they represent. Parents new to family court are initially outraged when they hear not only what a judge allows an ex spouse to say in court, but what their lawyer will often support, After years of fruitless  litigation , where child support is unpaid, houses are sold and nothing is done, parents left with nothing have their anger fueled in a direction dedicated to reform family court abuse.  Increased state and federal cases tell us lawyers in family law who have evaded the spotlight for some time, have reason to worry as immunity for government workers, and even judges is slowly chipped away.

​Custody experts and supervisors , appointed by the court, also have reason to worry.

​Parents and children are  mad. Too much money and too much lost time with children has gone by. Many  are banning together to host post card parties; sending postcards to law makers and businesses  demanding reform of Silicon Valley’s family courts. Others are turning to social media to connect with other victims and bypass bogus protective orders.

On May 11th, lawyer Stacey Stevens will ask a federal judge to dismiss her from a case involving woman warrior Tanya Nemcik , who has filed a federal lawsuit that includes Ms. Stevens, as well as Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties, where Ms. Nemcik claims she was denied time with her children and charged excessive fees to visit her children, as she was sanctioned for support she was imputed to pay, as a result of a court gone wild.

Parents and kids  are taking to social media where fake Facebook names, Twitter accounts and mems on photos are being used to  show the evil and the ridiculous side of a modern day divorce. Videos of parents falling down in marijuana collectives or cheating on a spouse are cropping up like weeds across the internet, YELP and Facebook.

​Photos taken by “EX Files Club” members  also show lawyers drinking with Judges in Bars owned by lawyers like John Conway , stocked with booze from one of Silicon Valley’s most corrupt family law lawyers; Rebekah Frye.

Paralegals, secretaries, court clerks and even court reporters appear to be cheering on a social media revolution by providing tips, photos  and confidential information that is suddenly being leaked everywhere.

​On April 28, 2017, a group of Silicon Valley whistleblowers fed up with how women like Kendra Scott and Nehad Rastogi had been treated by family courts after suffering from very public domestic violence cases,  secretly recorded a recent Silicon Valley Bar Brown Bag luncheon , where lawyers Tracy  Duell- Cazes and Lynne Yates Cater joined Judge James Towery and Judge Greenwood to teach  crooked lawyers how to get more money out of Silicon Valley divorces, as they laughed the local DA Jeff Rosen would do nothing about perjury and crimes that effectively add up to RICO and Real Estate Fraud.

​Santa Clara and Contra Costa County Courts appear to be working overtime to stop up the hemorrhaging. Presiding Judge Patricia Lucas, and General Counsel Lisa Herrick are reportedly  working nights and Sundays  investigating a flood of complaints and rouge employees who are feeding  information to  blogs and websites  populated with insider secrets.

​False protective orders, DVROs and other litigation tactics have been being used for decades, mostly to conceal fraud and to decimate one parents into silence. With few options many parents who have lost their children and their lifetime savings, social media offers a sort of out of court payback,  The effort could prove very embarrassing  for Silicon Valley’s family law community that once enjoyed being off radar and a crony network that seemed impenetrable.

​A payback that may  finally attracting mainstream media to the crisis in California’s Family Courts.


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