Scottish girl abused by Jehovah’s Witness dad asked church for help – but was molested by trusted elder too


Cowering under her duvet at night, 11-year-old Angie prayed that God would keep her safe.

Sadly for the terrified youngster, the church she trusted were on the side of the very man who haunted her nightmares – her abusive father.

And shockingly, when she plucked up the courage to tell elders at the Jehovah’s Witness church what had happened, one of them went on to abuse her as well.

Now a mum of four, 36-year-old Angie Rodgers said: “I turned to the church for help and I was abused a second time. I was a child and they should have helped but instead they turned on me.

“They make me feel sick. I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over what happened to me. I’ve just learned to live with it.

Angie waived her anonymity in a bid to help other victims

“I have nightmares and flashbacks all the…

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