Could you replant a forest by drone?

Make Wealth History

Scientists may be hard at work on technologies that can draw CO2 back out of the atmosphere, but so far we are yet to improve on the tree for efficiency and cost. The future of our planet as a liveable and comfortable home for humanity may well depend on what we do with trees. Preserving existing forests ought to be top of the climate to-do list, with planting new forests right behind it.

There’s no downside to planting trees. As well as absorbing carbon, they clean the air, help to prevent flooding, protect the soil, and enhance biodiversity. They provide shade, habitats for animals, and food of various kinds. Harvested sustainably, they can also provide carbon neutral fuel and materials.

This week I came across Biocarbon Engineering on an episode of BBC radio’s Costing the Earth. They are a British start-up with one of the boldest ideas I’ve come…

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