Abusive Adult Children-When You Are Abused by Your Adult Child

Parental Alienation

These adult children can be as witched as the abusive parent that controlled them in their young. Only difference is that they act out their battering adolescent-style. That is with an air of immaturity that confuses the parents they abuse.

They indulge in name-calling, emotional manipulation, psychological gas-lighting and physical altercations that shake abused parents awake.

It can involve slandering the abused parent in an effort to alienate them from their other children…just as the abusive parent alienated them from the parent they abuse. Or, you might see a complete estrangement from their natural grandchildren. And in extreme cases, abused parents have not even met their grandchildren.

As you can see, the cycle of family abuse continues generation-to-generation colored by the drama of the individual’s life. What remains continuous in this repeating fabric is the constellation of symptoms that characterize domestic violence.

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