A Shopping Trip

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane has a close friend who is a brilliant, highly accomplished visionary.  Listening to her is both mesmerizing and inspiring.  This weekend, she took a break from her international and political work in order to accompany LBL on a trip to a popular antiques/home accessories store.  The shopping trip went something like this:

LBL: These little bowls are amazing, but I seriously don’t need them.  Why spend so much money just to serve ice cream?

L: You have to think more broadly. Think fruit compote, tiny souffles, clafoutis.  These bowls go way beyond ice cream.  They cradle whatever is put in them.  They create the environment for the dessert,  in the same way the set sesigner creates the setting for the play. Plus, you can’t go wrong with those little roosters on them.

LBL: Oh, right, of course, I’ll get them.  What…

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