Japan: Parental abduction victims hold rally to push for joint custody rights

ABP World Group - Parental Abduction Recovery & Kidnapping Recovery


Parents deprived of their children held a rally Friday to push for introducing joint custody to the Japanese legal system and to raise awareness of the plight faced by their offspring when marriages fall apart.

Marching through the Asakusa district in Tokyo’s Taito Ward, about 30 Japanese and foreign participants held up a multilingual banner reading, “Stop Parental Child Abduction!”

Demonstrators also carried signs reading “More visitation time” and “Affection from both parents to children” during the hour-long march on Children’s Day.

It was the first rally organized by Kodomo no Kenri wo Mamoru Bekkyo Oya Forum (Forum for Left-Behind Parents Protecting Children’s Rights) to address the problem of parental child abduction in Japan.

“I want people to know that children have the right to see both of their parents and that parents are responsible for accomplishing that,” said Daisuke Tanaka, the organizer of the event.

Tanaka has been…

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A Quiet Corner Of The Map

Just Punch The Clock

Mitigating Circumstances – Part 3

1 – Part One
2 – Part Two


I was a camper. Everyone hated me.
Finding a quiet corner of the map – or a dark spot in a busy corner of the map – and picking off passers-by was, apparently, not cool. It got me kicked off countless servers.
Of course, what I should have done was brainlessly galumph around the map until I got killed.
Well, everyone wants a quiet corner now and I got mine.
My Hill.

Evie and I used to come up here for walks, even brought Joe a couple of times before The Fall. One of the highest points in the area – arcing above the fringes of what used to be south London – it was a makeshift landing strip during the Battle of Britain, so…

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Paedo disclosure “scheme” makes NO DISCLOSURES in Glasgow & Edinburgh for YEARS

Watercolor Silhouettes : Puzzling out a Painting

Citizen Sketcher

Here’s a couple of simple silhouettes, captured on a spectacular day of sun in a month of spring rain.

The great thing about painting – you’re always evolving. No matter what your level as an artist – you can (should?) always have an inspirational goal. Some skill or philosophy on the horizon.

This season, I want to double down on the use of silhouettes.

My painting has always been a bit ‘unfinished’ – (intentionally 🙂 – with a lot of negative space, and places that show the drawing. I like it that way. I’m not after an overly polished look.

But as well, it’s an artifact of the way I draw – sketching contours in line, then looking for the shapes of cast shadows.

One way to counter any tendency towards jumpy/patchy/uneven structures – is to look for back-lit situations.

What the Plein-Air painters call ‘Contra Jour’ – or ‘Against the Day’.

Position yourself with the…

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LONDON: CTU: Counter Terrorism Command officers arrest man on Istanbul flight arriving at Heathrow suspected of preparing terrorists acts #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – May.05: Counterterrorism officers arrest man at London’s Heathrow Airport on suspicion of preparing for terrorist acts. http://bitly.com/2qFttlp

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) May 4, 2017

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MET Man arrested by Counter Terrorism Command officers the man has been arrested on suspicion for preparing for terrorist acts and terrorist training after arriving in London on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey. London’s Heathrow airport briefly suspends some flights due to ‘security issue’ http://bitly.com/2pIlTYM http://bitly.com/2pNYof7 #Reuters #AceNewsDesk

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Featured writers…

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