Local Authority Child Welfare Assessments At School May Not Be Legal

Researching Reform

In March, Researching Reform made a Freedom Of Information request asking the government to outline the law or policy which allowed social workers to go into schools and interview children regarding child welfare concerns.

It took a little time to get a response, however the person at the Ministerial and Public Communications Division who provided the answer did apologise, and even took the time to highlight the relevant information, which comes from statutory guidance entitled Keeping Children Safe In Education.   This is the relevant part of the guidance which can be found at paragraph 59:

“Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that the school or college
contributes to inter-agency working in line with statutory guidance
Working together to safeguard children. Schools and colleges should work
with social care, the police, health services and other services to
promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. This includes
providing a coordinated…

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Is the City of London about to Lose its Crown Jewel?


From Wolf Street, by Don Quijones

Where will nearly €1 trillion-a-DAY in euro-clearing operations go? But other finance operations might not go to the usual suspects.

The UK economy’s prize “asset,” the City of London’s gargantuan financial services industry, is at the top of the menu of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. For Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, safeguarding the City of London’s operations is a top priority. But for the EU’s negotiators, those operations represent both a valuable asset to covet as well as a huge bargaining chip in the forthcoming negotiations.

One area of activity that European authorities, both political and monetary, seem determined to get their hands on, at pretty much any cost, is the City’s vast clearing operations.

The U.K. is estimated to handle 75% of all euro-denominated derivatives transactions, equivalent to around €930 billion of trades per day. It’s also home to roughly 90% of US dollar…

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The Bill Of Rights For Parents Of Adult Children

Parental Alienation

From the original Bill of Rights to the ethical precepts put forth by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Americans have historically, if imperfectly, embraced the notion that living creatures are entitled to certain rights.

Given this esteemed American tradition, it is surprising that so few have expressed interest in the rights of parents of adult children.

Here, I submit 10 rights that I believe may contribute to the overall health and well-being of parents.

1. The Right to Be Free from Abuse Some parents find themselves the victims of abuseby their children, physical as well as verbal or psychological. In all cases, the abuser’s goal is to gain or perpetuate control over another.

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