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It was not long ago that I was clueless as to what was causing the sporadic, but sudden negative changes in behavior that I was witnessing taking place with my children’s attitude towards me. At first I even blamed myself, as I thought that maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention to their needs and wants, or that I had been a little too stern with them the last time I saw them. I truly felt that I was somehow being inadequate as a parent, so I did what most parents would do when they become concerned, I hit the internet and tried to find answers to our problem.

I remember searching for answers as to what would cause my children to suddenly feel uncomfortable with me, even though I had not done anything to warrant such…

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The General Election: a further test for IPSO which it will fail – Jonathan Coad

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Almost all the most powerful elements of Fleet Street will line up behind Mrs May in the run-up to the next election – and indeed they have already begun the process of doing so. As for the voting public, they are reliant on (inter alia) Fleet Street to help them make their voting decisions. The grandees of Fleet Street will be considering whether their titles are likely to be held to account in a way that they care about if it misleads voting public on key electoral issues.  The answer to that question is; almost certainly not.

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Cyprus: House calls for action on child abduction

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More action needs to be taken to deal with the growing problem of children from mixed marriages being abducted and taken abroad, the House human rights committee said on Monday.

In 2016 there were 29 such cases compared with 24 in 2015, with most of the children being taken to Middle Eastern countries via the north.

“Parents from third countries, mainly Arabs, but also from the former Eastern bloc, do not cooperate, as their relevant services do not cooperate,” Disy MP Mariella Aristidou told the House during a session that was attended by some of the Cypriot parents of abducted children.” As a result, the problem is growing, and in almost all cases it is impossible to find a solution,” she added.

Aristidou said ways need to be found to deal with the situation and the House should give the relevant services powers to stop the abductions. So far…

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USA: Family Law & Private Clients Blog

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A common scenario in international child abduction cases is for one parent to take a “vacation” with the children and then never return. With spring break and summer break looming, parents need to be extremely wary of the other parent’s planned travel with the children if there is any reason to suspect that the other parent might not return with the child.

Overt, immediate threats to relocate with children are of course cause for concern, but parents should also be on the lookout for less obvious warning signs. For example, quitting a job or selling major assets in the United States should trigger concerns about potential child abduction to another country. A parent who has concerns about the other parent abducting their children to another country should immediately seek advice from an attorney who is knowledgeable about the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, done at…

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Winner of 2017 International Prize for Arabic Fiction: Previews Before Today’s Announcement


The final countdown to the 2017 International Prize for Arabic Fiction — popularly known as the “Arabic Booker” — has begun:

Photo from Rana Asfour (@RanaAsfour).

The prize is set to be announced this evening in Abu Dhabi, the night before the opening of the city’s international book fair.

Last night, five of the six shortlisted authors were hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi in a discussion moderated by AUB professor Bilal Orfali. Writer Rana Asfour tweeted from the event, which Kuwaiti novelist Ismail Fahd Ismail (shortlisted for his Al-Sabiliat) was apparently unable to attend.

The five who attended were Libyan novelist Najwa Binshatwan, shortlisted for The Slave Pens; Iraqi novelist Saad Mohammed Raheem, shortlisted for The Bookseller’s Murder; Egyptian novelist Mohammed Abdel Nabi, shortlisted for In the Spider’s Room; Lebanese novelist Elias Khoury, shortlisted for Children of the Ghetto – My Name is Adam; and Saudi novelist…

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– Distinguish:
– Movies:
“Ghost in the Shell” (1995)
Reproduction as reincarnation
Alright, but why choose ME??
The grades of maturity & the imperative of mentoring – Project 2501, Major & Batou
Was “Ex Machina” inspired by this film?
– Work on family:
Destroy marriage & transform parenting
– No more “Easter”, only “Resurrection Sunday”
Today at St. Luke’s was the gold standard for all RS worship services! 👏😇
Liberation from genetic traits, cultural forms, political powers & psychological strongholds >> exultatant, indomitable joy
I take refuge in the ever-present wounds of the living Jesus, as I struggle with my own finitude, frailty & fallibility……
Live ~ rise
Reign ~ triumph
This is a true champion – he doesn’t rest on his laurels, because he relishes the fight!
The Alleluia people who keep moving from Hosanna to Amen!
– escritoire

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