When Hitler’s Favorite Waffen-SS Commando Leader Became an Irish Farmer

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He was Hitler’s favourite commando, famously rescuing Mussolini from an Italian hilltop fortress, and was known as “the most dangerous man in Europe”.

After World War Two, he landed in Argentina and became a bodyguard for Eva Perón, with whom he was rumoured to have had an affair.

So when Otto Skorzeny arrived in Ireland in 1959, having bought a rural farmhouse in County Kildare, it caused much intrigue. At 6ft 4in and 18 stone, known as ‘scarface’ due to a distinctive scar on his left cheek, Skorzeny was an easily recognisable figure as he popped into the local post office.

In Irish press reports at the time Skorzeny was portrayed as a glamorous cloak and dagger figure, as Dublin-based journalist Kim Bielenberg recalls.
‘Military prowess’

“Skorzeny was depicted as the Third Reich’s Scarlet Pimpernel. The tone in newspaper articles was one of admiration rather than repulsion.

“He seemed to…

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Real History is Trending

News For The Blind


Slipping under the radar this week are two news stories that massively boost the international forum of revisionist historians. On April 20, anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed shock and dismay at ‘the ‘re-writing of history’.

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Earlier, Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov sharply criticised a trend towards re-writing history and the destruction of hundreds of memorials erected throughout Europe to honour the Red Army’s ‘liberation of Europe from Nazism’.

The two breaking news stories (SPUTNIK International) are the clearest indication yet that the impact of revisionist historians is causing growing concern in the seats of power throughout the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says, “The revision of history leads to the erosion of the pillars of today’s world order, which were built after World War II.”

The Russian leader cannot be faulted in wording carefully chosen to make his point. He is…

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Theme for the Week – Ruined Churches in Dorset Part 5

The Dorset Rambler

– – – Exploring The Countryside and Lanes of Dorset – – –

Just one final ruined Dorset church for this week and this is one to which the term ‘ruined’ can very definitely be applied! It has had quite a past and there has been some determination shown by the community to keep it going but eventually the battle was lost. This is St Andrew’s Church on the Isle of Portland.

St Andrew’s Church, Portland

St Andrew's Church The Ruins of St Andrew’s Church, Portland

St Andrew’s Church stands, or rather stood, on the headland above Church Ope Cove. It was built in 1100 by the Benedictine Monks of St Swithin of Winchester who had had the whole of Portland bestowed on them by Edward the Confessor, and it was built on what was believed to be the site of a rather grand Saxon church.

The first damage to the ‘new’ church occurred in the 13th century when a…

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​No alcohol for 40 days: Facebook challenge turns into major lifestyle change (Guest post)

Fit Is a Feminist Issue

Image description: A pint of Guinness Image description: A pint of Guinness

Hi, my name is Muriel, and I no longer drink.

It started simply enough. A friend said on Facebook in late February that he was looking to give up something for Lent. I suggested, somewhat casually, that we give up drinking. No alcohol for 40 days and 40 nights. It meant saying goodbye to a big part of my life, at least temporarily. My friend agreed. And so, two days later on March 1st, my new life as a church lady began.

Now, Lent is over, Easter Sunday has come and gone, Christ has risen from dead, and I am still not drinking.

I have decided not to drink for many reasons. Although it started simply, the origins of my drinking problem are not really simple at all, and the results, so far anyway, are startling. There is nothing like being clear-eyed and bushy-tailed…

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France’s Choice: Le Divorce?

Peace and Freedom

French voters will begin to pick a new president this weekend, and their decision may well determine whether the European Union lives or die


April 21, 2017 1:55 p.m. ET

France didn’t schedule a referendum on its membership in the European Union or globalization writ large, but it is about to get one. The first round of the country’s presidential elections, which will be held this Sunday, has become impossible to handicap. France’s party system is in its death throes, according to Patrick Buisson, a onetime top adviser to former President Nicolas Sarkozy. “Like all death throes,” Mr. Buisson said recently over a brasserie lunch in Paris, “it is convulsive.”

Sunday’s top two vote-getters will advance to a second round on May 7. Polls now show four candidates locked in a dead heat. Put bluntly, the contenders are a capitalist…

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Absolute Power and Sexual Abuse: A Survivor Comments on the Kidnapping of Elizabeth Thomas

Family Court Injustice

The sexual abuse of children is just one part of a system of trickery and abuse created to maintain secrecy, isolation and the offender’s absolute power over the child and all others in the child’s life. The offender sets up a web-like structure of traps, lies and distortions to isolate the victim…” ~ Laurel House

After reading news reports about the teen, Elizabeth Thomas, who went missing from her home after being groomed and manipulated by her perverted teacher, Tad Cummins, my first reaction was: this reminds me of the abuse I have survived. My second reaction was somehow wanting to scream across the distance to Elizabeth that no matter what was said or done to you, no matter what you were made to believe.. it is not your fault. As an adult survivor, and a mother, I speak from experience… you may not understand now, but trust me…

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