Parental Alienation

Psychological abuse involves trauma to the victim caused by verbal abuse, acts, threats of acts, or coercive tactics.i Perpetrators use psychological abuse to control, terrorize, and denigrate their victims. It frequently occurs prior to or concurrently with physical or sexual abuse

Humiliating the victim

• Controlling what the victim can or cannot do

• Withholding information from the victim

• Deliberately doing something to make the victim feel diminished or embarrassed

• Isolating the victim from friends and/or family

• Denying the victim access to money or other basic resources

• Stalking

• Demeaning the victim in public or in private

• Undermining the victim’s confidence and/or sense of self-worth

• Convincing the victim (s)he is crazy

Many of these tactics are used by the alienator during when Severe Parental Alienation is present.

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