Supreme Court Sham

News For The Blind

The deluded masses that bask in the smoldering ruins of the California failed state cannot stroke their egos often enough with the bromide that their morally and fiscally bankrupt rubble-heap is at the forefront of national trends. The fact that these trends all lead straight to the ash-heap of history is of no concern to the sewage colored invaders, the mincing sodomites, and the brainwashed useful idiots who now populate this once pleasant land. One such trend that has escaped notice is that of Supreme Court appointments.

At the same moment that the cuckservatives nationwide are gloating about getting “their guy” appointed to the Supreme Court and can’t stop bloviating about “muh CONstitooshun,” the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court publicly announced in her State of the Judiciary address that the judicial branch is a farce. California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye was appointed to the bench by republican…

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