Remember the 80’s dolls The Cabbage Patch Kids? #ChildTrafficking


Back in the day, (80’s) when Jack was STILL A LAD,  the Cabbage Patch Kids were a BIG DEAL. Desperate mother’s rioting in order to get the latest Christmas toy for their little darling angles, A familiar scene today, but in 1982 when Cabbage Patch Kids first came out it was almost unheard of,  So as to make the most of the demands of Christmas ’84, toy makers released storybooks, cassettes & all the usual crap including the animated Christmas special which described the adventures of the Cabbage Patch Kids.
What they unveiled was a world of PURE INSANITY.

First of all, “Cabbage Patch Kids” is not a cute nickname — they grow from actual cabbages. Which is kinda fine — it’s understandable that the makers don’t want to have to begin their show with a woman in the throws of full labour & screaming her head off!! But…

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