Local Authorities’ Handling Of Neglected Children To Be Investigated.


Researching Reform

The government has just announced that it will carry out a series of inspections on public bodies working with neglected children.

The inspections which will start in May this year, aim to assess how effectively organisations like local authorities, police and probation services work together to help and protect children aged between 7 and 15, the age group considered to be most at risk of neglect, abuse and exploitation.

There will be 6 inspections, which from May until December will focus on children’s experiences at the hands of these organisations. Findings highlighting what works and what needs to be improved will be published when all six inspections are complete.

A further overview report will then be published to offer guidance on good practice in this area.

An initial series of inspections were carried out in January 2016 which looked at children at risk of sexual exploitation, and those who went…

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One thought on “Local Authorities’ Handling Of Neglected Children To Be Investigated.

  1. Well as LA`s are responsible for the sub standard health and educational neglect of thousands of children , over many years and who have been able to use the Family court system to get judges to cut and paste the nonsense and concocted rubbish they submit , in order to hide their crimes against children and to vindicate their failings , so they can then use the care system to bully , intimidate and threaten the very children they have failed , this is going to interesting !


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