Intergenerational Conversations in Blue #1

Improving Police

Intergenerational Conversations in Blue: A Discussion Between a Retired Chief and a Current Sergeant

The First of Nine Exchanges About Police Uses of Force and Community Relationships

The following nine posts cover a series of email exchanges and at least two face-to-face meetings between a current police sergeant and myself. As the interchanges reveal, the two of us had a hard time understanding the other. I don’t think I convinced him of my current position on police use of deadly force and our need to lead the rebuilding of that trust which had been eroded since the events in Ferguson, but I came to understand his position. 

The discussions took place over about a year in time. I sensed his frustration as he did mine. The reason I am posting these exchanges is because they are important for the development of policing in a free society. Tensions often arise in…

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