Case Law: Flood v Times Newspapers, CFA appeals dismissed, future of the scheme left open – Aidan Wills

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On 11 April 2017 the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed three appeals brought by media organisations challenging the article 10 ECHR compliance of the recovery of additional liabilities (CFA success fees and ATE insurance premiums) from defendants in ‘publication cases.’ ([2017] UKSC 33).

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Time to close down Gibraltar

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British sovereignty over Gibraltar stems from the same treaty that gave Britain a monopoly on the slave trade and granted Brazil to Portugal. It, like all these abominations, belongs in the dustbin of history.

The British ruling class was frothing with belligerent outrage last week following EU President Donald Tusk’s comments on Gibraltar in his letter to Theresa May.

Responding to the British Prime Minister’s letter formally requesting to leave the EU, Tusk noted that any agreement between the UK and the EU would not apply to Gibraltar without Spanish consent.

The statement was hardly controversial in itself, given that all member states already have a veto over any agreement, such is the nature of the decision-making in the EU. As Stephen Bush commented in the New Statesman, by giving Spain a veto over the terms of a future trade deal, Tusk was giving it “a right which it…

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Do Monkeys Fear Monkey Bread?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

moneky bread, baking, monkeys, humor, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherTonight’s edition of After Dinner Mints, Modern Philosophers, is brought to you by a question that has been nagging at me over the past few weeks…

Do monkeys fear monkey bread?

One of my coworkers makes an awesome loaf (Is that the proper term?  I mean, it’s how you would refer to a quantity of bread…) of monkey bread, and whenever she brings it into the office, the following sort of questions inevitably follow:

Where do you buy your monkeys?

Do you prefer African, Canadian, European, Asian, or American monkeys?

When are monkeys truly in season?

Is it worth it to pay the extra for better quality monkeys, or does the bread just turn out the same no matter what kind you use?

Do you purchase your monkeys shaved, or do you shave them yourself?

Do you buy the monkeys in bulk and freeze them, or do you find the…

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Illusions Star in this Pet Adoption Campaign

Moss and Fog

petadoption_moss and fog

Visual illusions are always fun, especially when they are for a good cause. The World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai have a very clever set of posters that encourage people to adopt pets, using very carefully positioned photos of people. Look closely….. See the silhouettes? Artists Amol Jadhav and Pranav Bhide did a great job pulling off this classy and eye opening campaign. Via Petapixel:

pet-adoption-ad-moss and fog 1pet-adoption-ad-moss and fog 2pet-adoption-ad-moss and fog 3

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India: Five children abducted every hour

Rehmat's World

File photo of parents of missing children at a rally in DelhiOn April 13, 2017,Reuters reported that according to Indian government’s Track Child portal 250,000 children were reported missing by their parents between January 2012 to March 2017 – that’s five children vanishing every hour in the so-called world’s largest democracy.

But campaigners say these figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as many cases are not registered by parents or the police, and the children dismissed as runaways. For example, on May 24, 2016, the Times of India reported a 84% rise in missing children during 2013-2015.

On December 8, 2011, the BBC News reported that 11 children go missing in India every hour – and only 4 of them are recovered by the law enforcement agencies.

Delhi-based Shakti Vahini anti-child trafficking organization says 70% of these missing children are sold into child labor or prostitution.

India has world’s largest child population – with more than 40% of…

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The Birth

Broken Light: A Photography Collective


Photo taken by contributor Shelby Hall, a mother in her twenties from Dallas, Texas. Before her boys were born, she had a difficult relationship with her now fiancé, in part due to his struggles with drug addiction. Shelby suffered from depression through much of their early relationship as a result of being unable to cope. During that rough time in her life she found herself comforted and consoled by her photography. Shelby’s fiancé is now sober, and they are happy parents together. She loves having her photos to look back on. They read like a timeline and you can see the progressions and pitfalls through them all. They also serve as a reminder of how much stronger she and her fiancé are today.

About this photo: “I’m not sure if this is crazy or not, but I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to separate depression and anxiety from “bad…

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POLICE are investigating a massive alleged abuse scandal against a late doctor at a mental hospital where children were drugged and chucked into padded cells to be made “normal”.

A string of allegations have been made against the now-closed Aston Hall wiki children’s hospital near Derby and its boss Dr Kenneth Milner who died 41 years ago.

A string of allegations have been made against the late Dr Kenneth Milner

A string of allegations have been made against the late Dr Kenneth Milner

The alleged abuse is said to have taken place at Aston Hall hospital in Derby 

The alleged abuse is said to have taken place at Aston Hall hospital in Derby

The 58 allegations include claims the psychiatrist and hospital chief superintendent injected children with truth serum sodium amytal before sexually abusing them.

Dozens have also said Milner, who worked at Broadmoor before going to Aston Hall between 1947 and 1975, was trying to “normalise” naughty children.

He died…

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