LAS VEGAS, Nevada. How dangerous TAKATA AIR BAGS that were part of a DANGEROUS RECALL can find their way into USED CARS as one driver found out to her cost after she was nearly #KILLED #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Apr.20: A Nevada crash that nearly #killed a young woman has exposed a hole in the government’s efforts to get dangerous #Takata air bag inflators off the road: There’s nothing that prevents the devices from being taken from wrecked cars and reused in other vehicles even though they may be part of a dangerous recall #AceNewsDesk

Denver Post reported How dangerous air bags can find their way into used cars

Karina Dorado’s trachea was punctured by shrapnel from an inflator after a relatively minor crash in Las Vegas on March 3. She was rushed to a trauma center, where surgeons removed pieces that damaged her vocal cords. She is still being treated for neck injuries.

Dorado, 18, is among nearly 200 people injured or #killed by the inflators, which can explode when the chemical propellant inside degrades. What’s different about her case is how the inflator wound up…

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