Do Monkeys Fear Monkey Bread?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

moneky bread, baking, monkeys, humor, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherTonight’s edition of After Dinner Mints, Modern Philosophers, is brought to you by a question that has been nagging at me over the past few weeks…

Do monkeys fear monkey bread?

One of my coworkers makes an awesome loaf (Is that the proper term?  I mean, it’s how you would refer to a quantity of bread…) of monkey bread, and whenever she brings it into the office, the following sort of questions inevitably follow:

Where do you buy your monkeys?

Do you prefer African, Canadian, European, Asian, or American monkeys?

When are monkeys truly in season?

Is it worth it to pay the extra for better quality monkeys, or does the bread just turn out the same no matter what kind you use?

Do you purchase your monkeys shaved, or do you shave them yourself?

Do you buy the monkeys in bulk and freeze them, or do you find the…

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