Hunt for Facebook Killer Ends With McDonald’s Sighting and a Suicide

News For The Blind

Two days after an extraordinary crime, a murder that the killer recorded on video and posted to Facebook, it was a hankering for something as reassuringly normal as a McDonald’s meal that tripped him up on Tuesday, when a manhunt ended with a tip to the police, a brief chase and the gunman’s suicide.

The search for Steve W. Stephens had spread across a wide area of the country, with apparently false sightings reported in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan and even Texas. But he ended his life near Erie, Pa., about 100 miles from Cleveland, where on Sunday he walked up to a stranger, Robert Godwin Sr., fatally shot him, and then posted the video for the world to see.

Driving a white Ford Fusion sedan, Mr. Stephens, 37, pulled into the drive-through lane of a McDonald’s on Buffalo Road around 11 a.m. and bought a 20-piece order…

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