USA: Why Michigan Amber Alerts are issued only in most serious abduction cases

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DETROIT – Why are Amber Alerts issued only in the most serious abduction cases?

Amber Alerts are only for abductions of children who are under 18 years old and are in danger. A vehicle license number is no longer required.

Amber Alerts are urgent bulletins that interrupt radio and television broadcasting and send wireless emergency alerts to cellphones.

Other cases use an endangered missing advisory, which has no age restriction and can be issued for children or adults. In those cases, law enforcement notifies the media about the missing person. Unlike during an Amber Alert, there is no emergency alert system to interrupt broadcasting on radio or television, and there is no alert sent to cellphones.

There are several different types of missing cases, including runaways and parental abductions. Each case is evaluated separately.

“That’s why it’s a hard job, and I get a lot of pressure to put…

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