My Anti-Bucket List

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane has a good friend who often refers to her bucket list, when talking about travel. Every time she does this, it occurs to LBL that she, herself, has no bucket list like that. While she certainly has a lot of places she would love to see, she can’t say that any of them are in the “I-need-to-go-there-before-I-die” category.  Anyway, LBL has been around so long now, that some of her favored countries no longer exist, or are changing their name so many times that LBL believes they no longer exist.  Others are in such turmoil that LBL wishes to avoid them at all cost.  Luckily for LBL, she has no driving passion to visit the Greenland Ice Shelf, as the GIS is now rapidly breaking apart, due to the climate change hoax that the Chinese have invented.

Recently, LBL saw a reference to an “anti-bucket”…

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