Am I A True Libra?

Ella May Garrett

true libra
I thought this would be a fun post about whether or not I live up to being a true Libra according to and what they suppose my strengths are weaknesses are and who I am in a nutshell.

Side note: I don’t necessarily believe in astrology and star signs but I thought this would be fun and I would love to see other people do it too!

01 Strengths

  1. Diplomatic
  2. Graceful
  3. Peaceful
  4. Idealistic
  5. Hospitable

In terms of being diplomatic, I think I can be sensitive when dealing with others in terms of putting myself in their shoes but if I am passionate about something I will definitely take sides. Even though I am supposed to be the balancing scales of the star signs!
Oh my gosh am I not graceful. I always wanted to be a ballet dancer but I am essentially a bumbling, clumsy idiot!…

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