USA: Failure of state parental kidnapping bill may leave some parents with little recourse

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Utah legislators considered a bill this year that, if passed, would have made it a criminal offense for one parent to keep a child from the other parent in a way that deprived the other parent of seeking relief from the courts.

The inspiration behind House Bill 173 is a little girl now living in rural Cache Valley. She is the daughter of Kurt Falslev of Benson, and at age 9, she now wears a tracking device so she can be found if her mother attempts to flee the area with her again.

Rep. Val Potter sponsored the bill with support from the Cache County Attorney’s Office after they were unable to prosecute the child’s mother last year, but it failed to reach the floor of the Utah Senate.

“The state really should not be weighing in on what parent gets custody and how much time … that should…

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