Truman and Evie

Just Punch The Clock

This is the next part of Mitigating Circumstances. The previous chapter of this story is here. I thought it was time to get some backstory on Truman and Evie. We join him as he struggles to sleep in the abandoned Morrisons, where he has been staying after being thrown out by Evie.

Tonight I sleep in shallow waves, like telephone wires alongside a motorway, never quite letting go. I briefly dream of Evie and then wake with a start as Norris starts hurling abuse at an arguing couple one aisle down. As he threatens to cut them into ribbons, I lie on my back staring at the cavernous roof of the stripped-down Morrisons, lit by the flickering orange light of several fires. I think of the day I first spoke to Evie, when I didn’t know how much I didn’t know and the world was full of thrilling promise; when…

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