Are You a Keeper or a Mover?

Improving Police

Leaders can be classified into two camps: those whose mission is to make sure everything is kept just the way it is — “keepers” and those whose mission is continuously improve all that they do — “movers.”.

If you had a room full of leaders, how many do you think would fit the first category and how many the second? I bet it’s the 80/20 rule in operation: 80% of leaders would be keepers and 20% movers.

Is that bad? I don’t think so, just as we need police officers who are a little bit of both warriors and guardians, that same is so for their leaders when it comes to keepers and movers — but you have to know at the right time how to do both.

The positive aspects of the police culture, our traditions – honor, duty, integrity, and courage need to be…

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