Judge Accused of being “Bent as a Banana” in child abuse case

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cathy fox blog on child abuse

Investigative journalist Richard Carvath has called Judge Jeremy Lea “as bent as a banana”

It has been hard to work out the truth of this case in Nottinghamshire.

Partly this is due to

  • lack of information
  • court restrictions
  • having worked out the establishments official story, there is the problem of judging how close this is to the truth.

Naturally I have no wish to adversely affect any cases that may be brought, nor do I wish to fall foul of any restrictions that I do not even know about.

It appears a family court judgment made a mothers two boys, ward of the court. It was critical of her but the mother (Samantha Baldwin) ignored the judgment took the children with her, against the wishes of the authorities. She was “missing” for several days and then went to police who have taken now taken the children from her. In the…

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Are You a Keeper or a Mover?

Improving Police

Leaders can be classified into two camps: those whose mission is to make sure everything is kept just the way it is — “keepers” and those whose mission is continuously improve all that they do — “movers.”.

If you had a room full of leaders, how many do you think would fit the first category and how many the second? I bet it’s the 80/20 rule in operation: 80% of leaders would be keepers and 20% movers.

Is that bad? I don’t think so, just as we need police officers who are a little bit of both warriors and guardians, that same is so for their leaders when it comes to keepers and movers — but you have to know at the right time how to do both.

The positive aspects of the police culture, our traditions – honor, duty, integrity, and courage need to be…

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An Open Letter to Enablers of Parental Alienation

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Peace Not Pas

Dear Enablers,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am what’s called an alienated parent. Throughout the last nine and a half months I have been relentlessly battling an unfair and biased judicial system in an attempt to have some contact with my three beautiful children following separation from my children’s mother. My aim is to co-parent with my ex-partner. My ex-partner’s aim is to erase me from the lives of my children. This battle has not only cost me £20,000 so far, but more importantly it continues to take its toll on the physical and mental health of both myself and my family.

As for my ex, she breaches numerous Court Orders with no legal consequence placed upon her. I have not seen my children for almost ten months. In terms of my ex’s behaviour towards the children she has effectively ‘brainwashed’ our children into believing I no longer love them and that I have…

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Palouse – first impression

Christopher Martin Photography

I’m visiting the Palouse for the first time over the weekend.  The spring landscape in the early light this morning presented many of the hues in the Easter color palette.  As for first impressions, this is truly beautiful country and it is a fantastic place to explore.  There is much more to say, but the sun is shining and there are many more Easter eggs to find in these hills.

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Run From What Ails You

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

running, fitness, mental health, coping skills, dealing with stress, humor, Modern PhilosopherI was misinformed, Modern Philosophers, and I wish to lodge an official protest!

So many people have told me over the course of my life that you can’t run from your problems.  But recent research has proven this to be a lie!

And I didn’t even need the pack of scientists I keep on retainer in my basement to debunk this claim.  While the nerds in lab coats polished their lab beakers, I put on my running toga, laced up my sneakers, and did the legwork on my own.

I had a very stressful week.  Most of the problems cropped up on Friday (some Good Friday that was!) and threatened to carry over into my weekend.

There was no way I could allow my Easter weekend to be ruined, however.  I have been putting in fifty hour work weeks, so two days of rest and relaxation to recharge my battery…

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Police control room in #Inverness could close as part of “NEXT PHASE” of changes #ScotCops


scThe police control room in Inverness could be next to close as part of changes to call handling across Scotland.

Assistant Chief Constable John Hawkins confirmed that plans are in motion – but said any changes are yet to be signed off by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).

A retired senior police officer yesterday suggested a combined emergency services call centre for the Highlands instead.

Aberdeen’s police call centre closed last month – with the service being moved to Dundee and the central belt.

Mr Hawkins said: “The next phase of the call handling programme plans to see calls from the Inverness area control room transition into the Police Scotland service centre. Detailed governance and scrutiny takes place in advance of any key structural change and proposals must be signed off by the independent SPA before any transition will be implemented.”

He added there would be “no change” to the…

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The Moss Hotel

Moss and Fog


This was too fitting not to share. The Moss Hotel is a beautifully designed getaway in where else? Iceland. Located on Iceland’s famed geothermal Blue Lagoon, the rooms look out onto amazingly blue waters and mossy surroundings. Floor to ceiling windows, and a floating design give an amazing feel to this luxury hotel. With only five rooms, this special little gem books up very quickly, plan accordingly. Via Uncrate:


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