..::What is procedure of Partition of Agricultural Land?


Partition of Agricultural land.

Any joint owner of land may apply to a Revenue Officer for partition of his share in the land if–

(a)  at the date of the application the share belonging to him; or

(b)  his right to the share has been established by a decree which is still subsisting at the date; or

(c)  a written acknowledgment of that right has been executed by all persons interested in the admission or denial thereof.

Restrictions and limitations on partition.– Notwithstanding the provisions of section 135–

(a)  places of worship and burial grounds held in common before partition shall continue to be so held after partition; and

(b)  partition of any of the following properties, namely:-

(i)  any embankment, water-course, well or tank and any land on which the supply of water to any such work may depend;

(ii)  any grazing ground; and

(iii)  any land which is…

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