@FairfuelUK ~ Stop the Planned Tax on Diesel Drivers.

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Please use our easy to use on-line form to email the Prime Minister to stop the Planned Tax on Diesel Drivers.

Once you done so please let your MP know that you have contacted the Prime Minister by using our second easy to use on-line email form.

Please click on the ‘Email the Prime Minister‘ button first.

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We have just sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking her to meet with us regarding the diesel urban toxic tax, planned parking hikes by local authorities and demonisation of diesel drivers.

We have asked her to stop the unwarranted, unfair demonisation and quick cash grabs of diesel owners in a letter you can read at this link: Letter to the PM

We have also put forward constructive solutions that will improve air quality without punishing hard working drivers and the economy. Surely that is the way to go?Image result for Fairfuel

  • All UK drivers want emissions to be reduced, but to make diesel cars who are responsible for just 11% of London’s NOx emissions pay 100% of the penalties is pathologically immoral. The remainder, amounting to nearly 90% is generated by buses, taxis, construction equipment, commercial boilers, ground aviation and trains to name just a few, will pay nothing. And more importantly, London’s emissions are falling without the need for tax grabs as cars and trucks are modernising with time.
  • Sadiq Khan’s Toxic Tax Plans have in a matter of weeks, wiped a massive £35 billion from the value of UK’s diesels cars. The second most important and costly asset to families across the UK have had their vehicle values decimated by the threat of a baseless knee-jerk tax policy.
  • UK diesel drivers already pay the highest fuel duty in the world, so it really is puzzling countries like Greece and Germany pay considerably less at the pumps for diesel than petrol: 26p and 17p respectively. In fact, this is the norm across the world compared to the UK. Most developed countries worldwide actively encourage lower diesel prices to support the commercial heartbeat of their economy, explicitly for the haulage and distribution industry.  truck GIF
  • With such high diesel prices and high duty already entrenched in the UK, it shows that hiking more fuel or toxic taxes on hard working diesel drivers, small businesses, families and the haulage industry will not lower emissions.
  • Borne out in our recent poll by FairFuelUK of 16,000 diesel drivers, only 1 in 100 UK believe that adding a pollution tax to diesel will improve the environment. With 4 out of 5 diesel drivers saying they have no choice but to drive the same mileage even with a speculative green tax added to their fuel bill. 98% of these drivers believe such a tax hike would cost jobs, increase inflation and purely just raise extra cash for the Treasury or local authorities.
  • FairFuelUK supporters who drive diesels for good intentioned reasons, including better fuel economy and lower CO2 pollution, are now seething with worry that their second highest valued asset is nosediving in worth, by the hour.
To Email the Prime Minister copy this link into your browser
http://act.fairfueluk.com/lobby/dieselsolutionTo Email your MP copy this link into your Browser

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In a nutshell, a long term effective strategic transport plan will benefit air quality and our economy. Tax hikes on innocent diesel drivers from hard working families, small businesses and those just about managing will not!

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So please can you help FairFuelUK to get an audience with the Prime Minister to discuss a non taxing way to clean up emissions.

There are beter solutions to lowering emissions in abundance.

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