Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation


The foundation poured, the groundwork laid,

Well before you left.

Being stripped of parental authority,

Is the worst kind of theft.


Yelling orders at the children,

Your abuser has the upper hand,

Powerless you stand and watch,

As they heed his every command.


He turns your children against you,

Until you can hardly cope.

Your mother’s love, says don’t give up,

You hang onto your hope.


You finally leave, get custody.

The children are angry and sad.

You listen to their endless chant,

“We want to live with dad!”


And everything that happens,

In your home and in your life,

Is reported and distorted, though

You’re no longer their father’s wife.


The children devour the twisted spin,

He puts on your every word,

Your life becomes hell, as they rebel,

The entire situation absurd!


He convinces the children,

A break from…

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