National Stalking Awareness Week – 24 to 28 April

Stalking Week

Researching Reform

The UK’s National Stalking Awareness Week, which begins on 24th April, aims to raise awareness around stalking and related issues.

Perpetrators of domestic violence often use stalking to intimidate their victims. The behaviour has come under the spotlight over the last few months in light of new evidence which suggests violent partners are using the family courts to stalk, harass and bully partners, children and acquaintances.

The ONS has some interesting data on intimate partner stalking. The table below comes from the ONS and shows stalking incidents by partners and family members.


A lot of work still needs to be done in this area in particular training organisations and the police up to be able to recognise stalking behaviours, however the government’s latest proposals to create stalking protection orders and double the criminal sentence for stalking have been welcomed by campaigners.

Paladin, a stalking advocacy service, has some useful stats…

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