Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

News For The Blind

Just like I promised earlier today, I have begun to use my vast resources to finalize the full demise and destruction of the white race due to their continued support of masonic and jewish candidates.  They only have themselves to blame for their own destruction and it is a destruction that I will gladly aid and abet thanks to the evils that they have done onto others.  Let this poem/song serve as a taste of things to come through the use of my horsemen to achieve these means.  Until the white race stops support jewish supremacy and white freemasons, I won’t stop using my vast influences and power to realize that their genocide continues to speed up until they exist no more!

Recipe For Death (The Horsemen)

Everyday, my existence picks my wallet
My hatred are letters carved with blood
To understand my words written through water
I’m left to…

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