Looking Like Myself While Searching for Myself


Lately I have been bombarded on Instagram with ads for apps to photoshop my selfies.

I love selfies. I admit it.

Although I will also admit that I like them much much better when I look nice.

One day late last summer we took the dog to the beach, and he was so adorable. I was snapping pics with my phone like crazy. Of course, in the bright sunlight I couldn’t see what I was shooting. When we went back to the car and I got a look at my photos, I was appalled to find that I had inadvertently flipped the camera around, and I had 47 shots of me, not the dog. And although I was laughing and delighted at the dog’s antics, happiness and delight was not what I looked liked. No. Nope. Sorry. What I looked like was:


I was mugging and grinning like an…

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