August Lovenskiolds: ‘Women hate being CEOs – and they suck at it’

Campaign for Merit in Business

A tip of the hat to August Lovenskiolds for his illuminating analysis. The bottom line:

In 2012, 20 S&P 500 companies had female CEOs.

By 2017, 10 of the women were no longer CEOs.

By 2017, all the female CEO’s companies had fallen in the S&P rankings.

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One thought on “August Lovenskiolds: ‘Women hate being CEOs – and they suck at it’

  1. ….and maybe there are some men who are so envious at the idea of a ” woman ” having any power what so ever and have been inbred into thinking they are superior before they were even born that they do all they can to undermine any woman and make her position as CEO an impossible task . Lets face it …women and children have not done very well in most countries around the world .have they ? If the world is made up of 50% women and 50% men then how can we justify the fact that it estimated that women do two thirds of the world work and so this equates to them doing twice as much work as men on average . How can it be that women only own around 10% of the worlds finance and only own around 1% of the of the land ?


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