Me & My Fitbit Are On A Break


fitbit pictyre.jpg Image Description: This is a photo of a woman’s hand holding a Fitbit Charge 2 with a purple wristband. The Fitbit screen reads, “Workout” with an animation of a person above the word. Even the instructions that come with the Fitbit suggest that the wearer should take breaks from wearing the Fitbit.

I was surprised that I even wanted one.

Me, the person who has always been (and continues to be) somewhat suspicious of technology. Or at least too much technology. Or too much dependence on technology. Don’t get me wrong—I love my laptop. And I would DEFINITELY, in a heartbeat, run into a burning building to save it. I also love my iPhone. Maybe a little too much—I bring it everywhere with me (to bed, to the bathroom, you get the picture).

Anyway, my wanting a Fitbit was a bit of a surprise to me and my loved ones—up…

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