Great Love

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

love, relationships, the one who got away, running, fitness, humor, Modern PhilosopherI never know what’s going to pop into my head when I’m on a run, Modern Philosophers, and that’s part of what keeps the activity exciting for me.

It’s no secret that I hate running, but it is a necessary evil if I want to take care of myself, stay healthy, and improve my personal wellness.

One way I tolerate a run is by listening to music.  Lately, it’s been the Foo Fighters station on Pandora.  Great tunes to keep the legs pumping and if I play it loud enough, I can’t hear my muscles whining about how sore they are.

My other defense against the dark art of running is getting lost in my thoughts.  If I’m working on a new screenplay, I will mentally plot out the next scenes in my head while I run.  I like to test out potential dialogue for the new scenes by…

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