Astounding Trees with Stories to Tell

Moss and Fog


March’s National Geographic Magazinehad an amazing article on trees. Special, one-of-a-kind trees, each with a unique story to tell. They include the largest, the oldest, the most history-rich trees on the planet.  Here are some of the best of the bunch.

trees-outside-desert-tree.ngsversion.1487017086361.adapt.1900.1 Bristlecone Pines – Enyo National Forest, California.  The oldest tree on earth, Methuselah, has over 4,789 rings, and it’s location is a guarded secret.   

trees-mexico-ancient-children.adapt.1900.1 Montezuma Cypress, Santa María Del Tule, Mexico. A giant cypress 119 feet in circumference, this huge tree has a huge following in Mexico, an entire highway was re-routed to protect it.

trees-isaac-newton-england.adapt.1900.1 Newton’s Apple Tree, Lincolnshire England. The same apple tree that Sir Isaac Newton studied under to write about the laws of gravity. 

trees-birch-forest-america-yellow.adapt.1900.1 Quaking Aspen, Fishlake National Forest, Utah. The largest living organism on earth, this entire 106 acres, and 47,000 aspen trees are all clones, connected underground by a gigantic root system.

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