Narcissists Exposed

Parental Alienation

Finally, a book that answers every question ever asked about narcissists. Drew Keys, founder of the acclaimed Light’s, reveals the inside secrets to the frustrating and crazy-making games narcissists play — and reveals the ins and outs of how (and why) they do what they do. Narcissists Exposed is a concise, plain-English, no-holds-barred exposé that leaves narcissists nowhere to hide. Drawing on information based on over 1/4 million family members, friends, coworkers and partners of narcissists and the latest research findings about narcissism, this book answers the top 75 questions asked about narcissists, from whether they really know what they’re doing to precisely how they manipulate others and how to avoid being made their target. A must-read for anyone wanting to figure out narcissists, Narcissists Exposed empowers its readers by revealing exactly what all narcissists are up to and why, and what the reader can do about it.

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Singapore: New rules to prevent divorcing parents from fleeing Singapore with kids in the pipeline

ABP World Group - Parental Abduction Recovery & Kidnapping Recovery

Court proposes new rules to prevent divorcing parents from fleeing Singapore with children



When parents divorce, the children suffer – sometimes to the extent of being spirited out of Singapore by one parent and never seeing the other again.

The authorities are now planning to introduce new legislation to stop such “parental child abductions” that happen when some marriages crumble, The Sunday Times has learnt.

It will empower agencies such as the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to stop a parent, who has been prohibited by a court order from taking the child out of the country, from leaving Singapore with the child, a Family Justice Courts (FJC) spokesman told The Sunday Times. Those who defy court orders will be caught by the authorities at the checkpoints, she added.

Currently under the Women’s Charter, it is an offence for a person to take a child, who is under a…

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Citizen scientist

ann e michael

From as far back as quite early childhood, I have been interested in science: zoology, botany, biology, entomology, physics–if I had been mentored differently, I might have become a researcher instead of a poet. I possess that quality of curiosity that pushes for details, a trait that people refer to as ‘geeky.’ For me, it is fun to contribute my backyard observations to The Dragonfly Woman’s research or to the Eastern Pennsylvania Phenology Project, which asks for assistance from ‘citizen scientists.’ This evening, I am taking some elderly best beloveds to a fundraiser concert for March for Science.

17498711_10158425599030261_5744494573695525358_n March for Science logo. The March is April 22, 2017.


Empiricists have to begin as observers, and here’s where my science and poetry passions twine. Today’s backyard notes involve gray squirrels and the hypothesis that they learn behavior swiftly through their (many) generations.

My backyard is essentially a lawn and…

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Child Stealing Stasi.


When the Berlin wall fell, the Stasi just expanded west. This is my family story of the three year state attack on my family by multiple agencies, the individual and collective corruption of most of those involved and the inbuilt extreme endemic, systemic corruption that drives them to destroy the lives of many thousands of innocent people and families every year.

 ss lebensborn



At the time of re-writing this version in early 2015, I’m aged forty-seven and my wife is forty-three. We have been together for twenty-three years. We have a twenty-one year old daughter who stayed with her grandparents when we moved away. She works in a brain injury unit, volunteers at a local hospital, and is in her second year studying psychology at university. It’s interesting to note that she is doing an Open University course. Originally, she was to…

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Theme for the Week – Dorset Hills with a View Part 1

The Dorset Rambler


A strange title you might think since all hills presumably have a view, but these are some of Dorset’s best known hills and I thought I would feature them as my theme for this week.

You might think that hills are something straightforward but they are not, as we shall see. For instance, we might start by asking the question, ‘When is a hill not a hill?’ Well, perhaps when it is a mountain, or maybe a hillock, or maybe a………. Well, you get my drift.

Anyway, to get us going, I thought we could take a trip to Bulbarrow Hill, and just for a change, I thought we could make the trip in winter as well as summer.

Bulbarrow Hill

Bulbarrow Rosebay Willowherb on Bulbarrow

Bulbarrow Hill is arguably not technically a hill as it is actually…

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Judges once again avoid right to die issue

UK Human Rights Blog

Conway, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Justice [2017] EWHC 640 – read judgment

Noel Douglas Conway, 67, is a victim of motor neurone disease. He has just been refused permission to seek judicial review of the criminalisation of physician-assisted suicide under the Suicide Act 1961. The High Court considered that Parliament has recently examined the issue following the Supreme Court decision in the 2014 Nicklinson case , and two out of three judges concluded that it would be “institutionally inappropriate” for a court to declare that s.2(1) of the Suicide Act  was incompatible with the right to privacy and autonomy under Article 8 of the ECHR. Charles J dissented (and those who are interested in his opinion might want to look at his ruling last year in the case of a minimally conscious patient).

Background facts and law

The claimant, whose condition worsens by the day…

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