Omidyar Entities: The Harvard/Bain/Bridgespan Consulting Model (Transform and Help Run — or own — Distressed Assets, LIKE U.S. PUBLIC SCHOOLS), Rebranded, on Steroids, and Gone Global

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Omidyar Entities: The Harvard/Bain/Bridgespan Consulting Model (Transform and Help Run — or own — Distressed Assets, LIKE U.S. PUBLIC SCHOOLS), Rebranded, on Steroids, and Gone Global(with WordPress-generated case-sensitive short-link ending “-6lm”)(total length about 13,000 words)

This post has two companion posts I am trying to get out, with this one, ASAP and one right after the other.  This one has a significant new payload relating to some previous goods delivered on the matter referenced in its title, on this

This was intended to be third, but after two days of working on it, I’m publishing it first.  The post  falls into about two equal sections (after the “Read-More” link below, before which I am mostly demonstrating that the Omidayar Entities are major players in this field) each has its own key information.  The end just sort of “stops” because it was taken out of another post; it ends explaining more of…

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That Moment You See an Old Photo and Remember the More Fun (Yet Less Responsible) Version of Yourself…

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

Earlier this week I received a Facebook notification that someone had shared a photo of me. I immediately found this odd, since I’m typically not in photos with other people unless it’s with my wife or kids, and it was my camera being used.

Then I looked and saw it:
“A little throwback for your Monday blues…”

Jeffrey A. Smith had shared a photo he had taken of me back in August 2005, from over 11 years ago, for my “moving to Nashville” photo shoot. I was 24 years old at the time. (See left.)

I immediately responded to his comment: “I don’t remember this guy! After nearly 9 years of marriage and raising 2 kids, I am far from the confused guy wandering out of the woods, ha ha!”

There’s something naturally funny about seeing an old photo of yourself, especially when it’s shared in real time like this.

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Dear Holly: Spring Training So You Can Learn to Walk, Thanks to the Knock-Off Version of CrossFit with Big Brother and Daddy

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

11 months.

Dear Holly,

Now that you’re eleven months old, you love exploring your newfound mobility. You’ve mastered the art of crawling, and at this point you’re experimenting with standing.

Good thing you have your brother Jack and me to help push you to the physical limits, in our own knock-off version of Crossfit.

Each morning after Jack gets ready for school, he always asks, “Daddy, can I play with Holly?

He starts you off by helping you ride the scooter, then helps you push the scooter, and then he has you attempt to push the scooter with him on it!

As Jack sees me loading up the car, he knows at point it’s almost time to leave, so he basically plays fetch with you; as he rolls your big pink ball from the living room to the kitchen. You joyfully crawl as hard as you can to go…

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Dear Jack: You Now Volunteer to Say the Prayer before Dinner

Family Friendly Daddy Blog

6 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

You have made me so proud this week. Tuesday night as our family held hands at the dinner table, I was just about to pray to thank God for our food and for our family, when you stopped me:

“Daddy, can I say the prayer tonight?”

I was definitely caught off guard, but I replied without missing a beat: “Of course you can, man.”

You went straight into it…

“Thank You God for this food we eat. Thank You God for the birds that sing. Thank You God for everything.”

That instantly became one of my favorite moments of being your Daddy, so far.

I pray for your soul. I want you to truly know God and how much He loves you.

We read Bible stories together. Our family goes to church, which you always enjoy; they have a really good children’s program there. 

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Genetic or Psychological?

University of California brain neuroscience uc neurons GIF

Parental Alienation

There are currently two schools of thought regarding the cause of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (and other similar disorders). Due to EEG’s showing a lack of activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, shame, guilt and conscience many researchers blame the personality disorders on a genetic defect. However, psychology and genetics actually affect each other in the same way that the conscious and subconscious mind feed each other with information, therefore the genetic defect could be a result of the ongoing ideology and environment within such families and/or vice versa (i.e. epigenetics and neuroplasticity).

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