BRITAIN: BBC Contractor ‘ CAPITA ‘ in ‘ Hot Water ‘ over using their name to obtain ” ALLEGED EXTORTIONATE FEES ” from people not paying their Licence Fee an investigation by Daily Mail revealed spurring the BBC to act and start an Investigation – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.27: The BBC has ordered an investigation into reports TV licence fee collectors targeted vulnerable people, spurred on by an aggressive incentive scheme.

Boss below denies that they used underhand tactics

An investigation by Daily Mail revealed that BBC’s TV licence bullies are exposed and reported bosses at Capita, which collects the fee, promised bonuses of up to £15,000 a year to catch 28 evaders a week.

Capita said statements made to an undercover reporter “do not reflect the high standards we expect“.

The government said it would talk to the BBC about the company’s conduct.

The newspaper sent a reporter to interview for a job at Capita, and allegedly found staff being pushed to gather evidence to take as many people to court as possible.

One interviewer was recorded saying: “We will drive you as hard as we can to get as much as…

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Data Protection: Pre-publication claims and section 32(4), the case for disapplication – Hugh Tomlinson QC

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privacySection 32 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the DPA”) contains a curious provision apparently designed to prevent “pre-publication” claims where unpublished journalistic, literary or artistic material is involved.  There is no basis for this provision in the Data Protection Directive  (“the Directive”) and it appears to be inconsistent with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and a clear candidate for disapplication.

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Yikes Almighty – They’re Really that Stupid

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Dorcy and I have a disagreement.

She cares so much about each kid and each family, that she struggles mightily trying to solve the problem of “parental alienation” for each individual kid she encounters, all in the face of a massively broken mental health system and rampant professional incompetence.   What I suspect is so frustrating for her is that she has the solution right in hand, she just needs to be given the opportunity to enact the solution.   Poof.   All solved.

(On June 1, 2017 in Boston, at the AFCC Convention, we will explain exactly how the High Road protocol accomplishes this.  Workshop 29;  3:30 -5:00.)

Me, on the other hand, I’m struggling directly with changing the overwhelming extent of profound professional ignorance and incompetence in mental health.  Whew.  Big system.  Little me.

As an old-school clinical psychologist who values knowledge and believes professionals should know what they’re doing, I…

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Clinical Seminars: Understanding Parental Alienation with Karen and Nick Woodall


Karen Woodall

Later this year I will be travelling in Europe as well as the United States and Canada delivering seminars for parents and professionals to accompany our new book. Early news on the content of these seminars is below, details of when and where you can attend seminars will be posted here, on the Family Separation Clinic website and on Parental Alienation Direct which launches with our new book.

About Our Seminars

Parental Alienation is the complete unjustified rejection of a once loved parent by a child, usually occurring within the context of family separation. An alienated child will completely and consistently, reject a relationship with a parent, seeking to eradicate that parent and the wider family from their conscious experience.

Once considered to be the result of a deliberate and conscious campaign by a vexatious parent, parental alienation is now widely understood to be a spectrum experience in which the…

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Australians believe statutory protections against offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin should stay – Andrew Jakubowicz, Kevin Dunn and Rachel Sharples

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racismWhile debate over the merits of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act continues to rage, new research shows that an overwhelming majority of Australians support legislation that prevents insults on the basis of race, culture or religion. The ConversationWe found that just 10% of Australians believe people should have the freedom to “insult” and “offend” people on the basis of race, culture or religion. Over 75% are opposed.

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Justice Moosa: South Africa’s ‘People’s Lawyer’ dies

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On Saturday, South African leaders mourned the death of one of country’s best jurist, statesman, anti-apartheid activist, and retired judge of the country’s High Court, Essa Moosa, in Cape Town.

Essa Moosa was born into a practicing Muslim family on February 8, 1936 in Cape Town. He became one of Nelson Mandela’s first lawyers. In 1998 Mandela appointed him to be a judge of the High Court of the Supreme Court in Cape Town. He was a founding and executive member of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers and chaired its Human Rights Committee. He was a member of the Constitutional Committee of the African National Congress (ANC), gaving logistical support to the ANC negotiation team for the establishment of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. He also served as the Provincial Election Agent for the ANC in the region of the Western Cape for the first democratic…

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